Thermia Commercial Heatpumps
Thermia Mega
  • Capacity up to 1344 kW Inverter connecting up to 16 units together.
  • De-superheater as standard.
  • Newly developed color touchscreen
  • Monitoring via the web interface, a master control system or mobile
  • COP at a compressor speed of 3600 rpm: 4.49 – 4.71
Thermia Robust Eco
  • Maximum performance and full flexibility.
  • Newly developed and up to 24% more efficient.
  • High annual efficiency which minimises energy consumption, a positive environmental effect.
  • Superb hot water production with option of legionella check
  • Intelligent control monitors the whole heating installation (heat pumps, additional heat, cooling, shunt groups, hot water).
Thermia Solid Eco
  • Newly developed and up to 24% more efficient.
  • Output capacity from 22-42 kW.
  • Can produce both heating and cooling
  • Can be remote controlled and monitored online