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Our Service TeamService & Maintenance PackagesWe believe in a good efficient service and maintenance schedule, to help 
prolong the life of your renewable technology. 

Tailor made service packages to suit each customers requirements. 
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Introducing SokrathermWe are pleased to announce we can now offer Europe's leading CHP Plant to our UK customersIn conventional power plants 'less than 40% of the energy input reaches the consumer as electricity, while more than 60% is lost as waste heat'. At Sokratherm the idea is to not waste the heat cogenerated, but to to make the best possible use of it.More information
Commercial Biomass Kohlbach Heating SystemsAt Ecosmart we are proud installers of Kohlbach biomass heating systems. Kohlbach offer a complete range of flexible industrial heating systems, that are individually designed for the respective fuel to create optimum combustion. 
  Fuels such as corn, landscaping waste, and food scraps can all be used with Kohlbach machinery, to efficiently produce heat and electricity.
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Ecosmart are able to offer our commercial customers a range of Renewable Energy Options, to enable your property to become more efficient and environmentally conscious. By using renewable energy, you will be producing heat or electricity using natural resources, helping to reduce Co2 emissions, and saving on your fuel bills.

 We will work with you to produce a scheme that best meets your requirements, incorporating bespoke designs for the more challenging installations.


Case study
2 x 500kW ETA Biomass Boilers

COMMERCIAL INSTALLATION - Peak District, Derbyshire

The estate committed to invest in renewable technology and reduce their carbon impact.

In order to do so they opened The Chatsworth Renewable Energy Centre to feed heat and power to the 300 room house, garden, stables, shops and restaurants in late 2013.

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