Service and Maintenance

At Ecosmart Energy systems we are happy to tailor our service packages to suit each customer’s requirements and budget.

Whether you have a domestic boiler that needs an annual service or renewable energy heating system in need of maintenance, we believe that a good, efficient service and maintenance schedule, will help prolong the life of your boiler.

Our team of knowledgeable engineers are on hand to offer advice and service.

Service & Maintenance Packages for your Renewable Heating System

It is an Ofgem requirement to have your Biomass Boiler & Heat Pump serviced to enable you to continue qualifying for RHI payments. There is however no definitive guidelines into how often, or the depth of service. Ecosmart take our guidance from the leading manufacturers, which enables us to preserve the warranty on your heating system as well as making sure the system runs as efficient as possible.

Whilst your heating system is running at optimum efficiency this insures maximum RHI returns and minimum fuel consumption for you.

We offer bespoke maintenance contracts, ranging from 3-7 years, with the additional option of yearly breakdown cover. All our installations, are given the option of a maintenance contract on completion, but we also offer these to those which we have not installed.

If you have the latest technology in renewable heating and you want your investment to be looked after properly, our  team of dedicated and highly trained engineers can provide a nationwide service and maintenance support.

For any prices or queries regarding maintenance contracts, services or repairs, please contact our qualified team on the numbers provided.

Service & Maintenance Packages for your Gas Boilers

We recommend your boiler is serviced each year, by a Gas Safe Registered engineer. This will prolong the life of the boiler and keeping it running efficiently. This will help you save money on fuel costs, and reduce the risk of your boiler breaking down when you need it the most.

Our team of Gas Safe Registered Engineers, will inspect your boiler and pipework, check the gas pressure, clean the heat exchanger, and check that the control panel is set up and working correctly.

Condensing boilers will be inspected using a flue gas analyser, and performance test will be conducted on those boilers with a suitable test point or accessible flue terminal.


Gas Fire Servicing

We recommend you service your gas fire yearly, this can be done as part of your annual boiler service if required. We carry out servicing on open flued, balanced flued and flueless gas fires. During the service the fire is removed, cleaned and gas pressures checked. A Flue flow test is carried out on the chimney and a spillage test is carried out on the fire.

For any prices or queries regarding maintenance contracts, services or repairs, please contact our qualified team on the numbers provided.