Solar PV

Solar PV

Solar Energy Systems use panels, which are often mounted onto roofs or on the ground, in a south facing direction. The panels harness the radiant heat and light from the sun to create electricity via Solar Photovoltaic panels (known as PV). This technology can produce significant financial savings for your home, as well as reducing your carbon footprint. Using energy from the sun will enable you to have an independent electrical source, particularly beneficial to those ‘off the grid’ properties.

At Ecosmart we can offer our domestic customers, a range of Solar PV systems. We work in partnership with some of the leading suppliers of solar panels and inverters, which allows us to tailor the installation to each customer and their property.

Solar PV, a photovoltaic system, works by converting energy from the sun into electricity.


Each solar panel has layers of semi conducting material within them, usually silicon. As the sun’s rays shine onto the panels, the energy from these rays create an electric field across the layers. It is this energy that travels to the solar inverter, where the energy is converted from a direct current into an alternating current. This current is what produces the electric power in your homes.

This is often why solar panels are mounted onto roofs or on the ground, in a south facing direction, so they capture most of the sun’s energy. The stronger the sun’s energy the more electricity produced. Although they can still generate some electricity, even on a cloudy day.

Solar PV operates silently and without any moving parts, this means that minimal servicing and maintenance requirements. It is however recommended that the cells are cleaned twice yearly to work efficiently, and that the solar inverters are replaced every 10 years. Ecosmart provide a repairs service for any customers having issues with wiring, inverters or efficiency of the system. We can also help with the FIIT application.

At Ecosmart we offer a full Design, Supply, Installation and Maintenance service for all domestic customers. Within the quotation will include, performance estimates, based on the location of the property and suns rays, size of system needed, based on the properties energy requirements, and predicted savings.

Why Solar?
  • Free Energy from the sun
  • Can be combined with Heat Pumps to produce electricity and heating.
  • No servicing or maintenance requirements
  • Solar Energy systems are durable, as they have no moving parts.
  • Makes you independent of fuel prices.
  • Can generate electricity even on a cloudy day.
Benefits of Solar PV
  • Reduction on energy bills, because sunlight is free!
  • Less impact on the environment
  • Cost very little to maintain
  • Claim FIT (Feed in Tariff) payments for the next 25 years for the electricity generated.
  • You could receive two payments, one from the generation tariff, which is paid to you for every unit of electricity produced (whether you used it yourself or not) The second is an export tariff which applies to the electricity that you generate but do not use.