Mercedes Benz Energy Storage

Mercedes Benz have finally launched their energy storage facility in the UK. They are offering households and companies a solution to save resources and to reliably manage their own energy, thus creating a more independent and reliable energy supply.


The Energy Storage has been created following the demand for battery powered cars, they are Lithium-Ion batteries, which meet the “highest reliability and quality requirements”. Produced by Deutsche Accumotive in Germany, using the most modern production methods, the battery module has a capacity of 2.5Kwh. It is recommended that for private use, up to eight battery modules are combined, for a total storage capacity of 20Kwh.
Mercedes Benz guarantee a long service life for these Energy Storage units, with an expected lifetime rated at 8,000 charge/discharge cycles, and with a charge retention of 80% after 10 years. They also come with a 15-year parts warranty.
“It’s not just the environment which benefits. The users do too.”

The Benefits of Mercedes-Benz Energy Storages

  • Very reliable lithium-ion technology with a long service life
  • Individually customisable configuration (modular system structure)
  • Saves Resources
  • Greater Independence of energy supply
  • “Made in Germany” in Mercedes-Benz quality.
  • Up to 65% of self-produced energy with our complete solution: Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage, battery inverter and intelligent control.
  • Excess energy is stored with the help of Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage
  • Optional charging station for emission-free charging of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles with stored energy.

We are yet to find out the cost of these futuristic, self-sufficient Energy Storage Units. They are currently being sold around the world in countries such as, Germany and the United States, at a price range of $9,000-$10,000 including the inverter, so the UK should expect similar.
With their nearest rival being Tesla’s Power Wall home battery, Mercedes Benz’s Energy Storage units are lighter in weight, and can provide a conveniently sized backup solution for all homes.

 Ecosmart Energy Systems are proud installers of Mercedes Benz Energy Storage Units